Over the years CDC has developed a wealth of practical conservation experience in supporting a range of organisations across eastern Africa, and beyond. Below we highlight some of the key assignments we have worked on under our four specialities, and also provide links to more of our track record.

Conservation planning

Nyungwe National Park

Featured Project:
Volcanoes National Park and Nyungwe National Park Management Plans

Western Rwanda is traversed by the Albertine Rift, a unique eco-region that is Africa’s richest and one of the world’s most significant in terms of species diversity and endemism. Two of Rwanda’s flagship protected areas – Nyungwe National Park (NNP) and Volcanoes National Park (VNP) – are found within the Albertine Rift and cover globally important afro-montane forest ecosystems. [more]


Programme and project design and evaluation

Theory of Change outlineFeatured Project:
Theory of Change and Results-Based Management Approaches

Around the world, the need for effective and efficient approaches and actions towards achieving environmental conservation and sustainable development is increasing, while financing to deliver them becomes ever more constrained, and competition for this financing grows. To survive and prosper in this challenging environment, organisations increasingly need to demonstrate how and how much they are [more]


Wildlife law enforcement and trafficking

Featured Project:
Wildlife Law Enforcement in Sub-Saharan African Protected Areas

Unprecedented levels of elephant and rhino poaching across Africa are severely threatening the future of these species and the ecosystems they inhabit. This crisis demands a re-evaluation of current law enforcement practices across the continent. As poaching groups increase in size, number and sophistication, it is more important than [more]


Conservation and sustainable development governance

Fishing boats at Wanseko, Lake Albert

Featured Project:
Migration and Conservation in the Great Lakes Region

The Great Lakes region of East and Central Africa is experiencing significant pressures from human migration. In a region already affected by many forms of natural resource and climate stress as well as conflicts, the growing socio-environmental impacts of migration could incubate or reinforce existing social tensions and institutional failures, threatening critical ecosystems and further undermining human livelihoods. [more]